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About Me

I’m an explorer, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a lifelong learner. I enjoy my people, reading, dining, beaching, travelling, and gobbling up life. I love navy and purple, sunlight and velvet, ocean waves and ancient rocks, stars and rainbows, hydrangeas and snapdragons. I’m mesmerised by tiny things up close and I happily grapple with unanswerable questions and unknowable answers.

Professional supervision, leadership wellbeing workshops, team development workshops, critical incident debriefing, bespoke program design and system consultancy services.

Supporting adults struggling with self-identity, neurodivergent experiences, developmental differences, behavioural challenges, workplace issues, and life transitions.

In my many work roles I’m fortunate to have listened, heard, facilitated, coached, consulted, celebrated, supported, urged, cheered, intervened, lectured, presented, advocated, advised, debriefed, hired, interviewed, managed, administrated, financed, discussed, challenged, and analysed. I love finding the space for what’s important both at the macro and micro level, with heart and head.

I’m usefully pedantic with pretty much everything I do. I thoroughly enjoy engaging in in-depth analysis and problem-solving of complex and impactful issues, and I have been privileged to be taught by and collaborate with exceptional mentors throughout my career.

I did my undergrad in Behavioural Neuroscience at Monash and loved discovering how brains and people work. My time as a research fellow with Professor Jeff Richardson at the Centre for Health Economics (Monash Uni, 2007-2017) taught me about the economics and ethics of healthcare decisions, and the challenge of reconciling the universal need for wellness with finite resources and governance hurdles has deeply influenced my perspective.

Further enriching my expertise, I managed the Principal Health and Wellbeing project under the guidance of Professor Philip Riley (Monash, ACU, and Deakin, 2010-2019) and wrote my doctorate on emotional labour and other occupational demands in educational leaders. I hit my academic peak in 2017 attaining my PhD with no corrections and I really do know what it’s like on the dancefloor of school leadership.

I lead the two private practices linked above, Thriving Principals and Zenith Psychology, where I blend research, practical strategies, and psychological expertise with intelligent, compassionate care.

Endorsed Educational and Developmental psychologist, Board-Approved supervisor of psychologists.