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EMONET-X Emotions in Worklife conference – Rome, Italy. July 2016

  • A longitudinal model of emotional labor in leaders  [Presentation]

International Society on Priorities in Health Care – Melbourne, Australia. November 2014

  • The sensitivity of 6 Measures of Utility to 7 Disease States [Presentation]
  • A comparison of 6 Health-Related Quality of Life Instruments  [Presentation]

Multi-Instrument Comparison workshop – Tromsø, Norway. July 2014

  • Structural similarities: What do HRQoL instruments measure? [Presentation and Discussant]

8th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife (APSEW) – Melbourne, Australia. November 2013.

  • [Attendee]

7th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Emotions in Worklife (APSEW) – Gold Coast, Australia. November 2012.