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Interesting things #3 ?>

Interesting things #3

“Misquotations are often stickier than actual quotes” “Abraham Lincoln once joked. He didn’t really, of course—but he’d be a great spokesperson of the sentiment, given how often his words have been misremembered, miscast, passed down from person to person in a way that little resembles any of his actual statements. (Actually, Mark Twain would be a better candidate for that one. Didn’t he say basically everything?)”   Facts that are not facts “33 “Facts” Everybody Knows That Are Actually Total…

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Interesting things #2 ?>

Interesting things #2

  How to focus in the age of distraction A very useful infographic that I recommend printing out and hanging in your workspace (mine’s right above my central screen). It provides a good set of reminders and a map to organisation. Neuroskeptic’s take on attention “These data suggest rather that, while ADHD diagnoses are certainly rising, children as a whole are not getting less attentive, suggesting that the rise of ADHD is more of a cultural shift.” Suicide series in The…

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Interesting things #1

Autism Matters podcasts The Autism podcast series (hosted by Dr Laura Crane) aims to showcase the latest research published in Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice in a way that is accessible, easy to understand and has real world relevance. The podcasts are aimed at a broad audience, including academics, researchers, students, clinicians, journalists, policy makers, individuals with autism and their families, and anyone interested in autism spectrum disorders.” Wiley brings out an awesome psychology app Is an overabundance of…

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