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Interesting things #2



How to focus in the age of distraction
A very useful infographic that I recommend printing out and hanging in your workspace (mine’s right above my central screen). It provides a good set of reminders and a map to organisation.

Neuroskeptic’s take on attention “These data suggest rather that, while ADHD diagnoses are certainly rising, children as a whole are not getting less attentive, suggesting that the rise of ADHD is more of a cultural shift.”

Suicide series in The Lancet
“Suicide is an act that is contrary to what is perhaps the strongest of human instincts—survival.”
In this Series, three reviews help us to better understand the incomprehensible act of suicide and further discuss strategies to reduce the risk of self-destructive behaviour.
In two of the Series papers, Keith Hawton and colleagues and Alexandra Pitman and colleagues review the current state of knowledge for self-harm and suicide in adolescents and young men, respectively.
A third paper by Paul SF Yip and colleagues reviews prevention of suicide by limiting of access to highly lethal methods of suicide.
In a Comment, E Michael Lewiecki and Sara A Miller surmise: “the complexity of risk factors for suicide suggests that many approaches to suicide prevention should be considered and customised to accommodate local circumstances.”

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