Tips for online therapy sessions ?>

Tips for online therapy sessions

  1.  A computer, tablet or smartphone (I will give you details regarding video-conferencing software).
  2.  A fast, reliable internet connection (do test the connection and software before your first consultation).
  3.  Read the instructions I’ll provide.
  4.  Make the room as quiet and private as possible – turn off radios and TVs.
  5.  If you have young children, arrange care in advance so you don’t get interrupted.
  6.  Turn off notifications/alerts.
  7.  Try to make sure your face is well-lit.
  8.  Don’t sit directly in front of a window, because it can make it hard to see your face.
  9.  If you have someone supporting you, check that the webcam includes them in the shot.
  10.  There might be some delay between one person speaking and the other person hearing it. Wait for the other person to finish speaking before you start.
  11.  Avoid using the internet for other things at the same time (for example streaming TV, downloading movies or playing games).



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