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I’m a Partner Investigator on the Principal Health and Wellbeing international, longitudinal project.  I am project manager and webmaster, and am responsible for all data collection and management, respondent database management, respondent queries and the website.

I was an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Economics (Monash University) where I worked with the AQoL team.  I was involved in new question creation/design and data analysis as well as the creation of utility weights for the AQoL-8D by doing Time Trade Off, Person Trade Off and Willingness To Pay interviews with members of the general public.  I was responsible for helping design the AQoL website and I was the webmaster for that site until it was ported into the University system at the end of 2016. I have experience in large-scale project management, data collection and data analysis for multiple longitudinal projects, most recently the international Multi-attribute Instrument Comparison study.

I have a decade of experience managing small and large-scale projects from inception to final write-up. I pride myself on forward-thinking, methodological and statistical rigour and succinct writing. As part of the AQoL team, I assisted in the creation of an internationally-recognised health-related quality of life questionnaire (AQoL-8D) which helps clinicians and researchers measure overall quality of life and the effects of treatments.

I work with all Office programs as well as statistics programs such as SPSS, AMOS, MPlus.  Statistically, I’m familiar with everything from basic t-tests to longitudinal structural equation modelling and can learn just about anything.

If you require assistance with a project please feel free to email me for a quote.