Check your wellbeing ?>

Check your wellbeing

Would you like to check your quality of life?  Get a sense of how life is for you across your mental health, relationships, self-worth, happiness, coping, pain, your senses, and your independence by taking the Assessment of Quality of Life AQoL-8D.

There’s a question early on that asks for an ID.  If I asked you to complete this, or if you’d like me to contact you after you do the survey, please enter your email address in that field.

If you just want to check your wellbeing and leave no details, that’s fine, just enter ‘none’ in the ID field.

Your privacy is guaranteed.  If you choose to input an email address as an ID code it will be stored on my secure server.

You can privately email yourself a copy of the results once the report has been generated – but no emails are ever collected or saved from the report page.

There’s about 40 multiple choice questions and it takes between 5-10 minutes to complete. Your de-identified answers may be used for future research purposes because tracking outcomes is an important part of good clinical practice.

If you consent, please go ahead and take the survey.