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Kids can help with lots of household jobs ?>

Kids can help with lots of household jobs

This is a very handy list of the jobs that kids are capable of, by age group.  Our kids are someone’s future housemates so we need to teach them basic living skills. Sharing the load of housekeeping around the family is really important for community-mindedness, respect for property, and practice at doing hard/smelly/boring tasks.

Interesting things #5 ?>

Interesting things #5

Things that teens need to know about their amazing, changing brain and how it impacts their emotions and behaviour   Coco-Cola put out a new video ad demonstrating emotional contagion (laughter) on a train.  Expressing emotions (any) can be contagious, so be careful what you’re putting out and what you’re taking on.   Dieting? Saving? Planning ‘naughty days’ helps people felt more motivated and strengthens general feelings of self-control.  This article suggests that it may be useful to schedule a cheat…

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