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Telehealth service ?>

Telehealth service

Get support – wherever you are Is access to specialists, long distance travel or lack of time a problem for you?   I provide online consultations via secure video-conferencing or telephone. My e-psychology clients find that being able to access treatment remotely means they can get the help they need, when and where it’s convenient. Studies have demonstrated that telehealth consultations can provide the same treatment outcomes as face-to-face therapy: good therapeutic relationship symptom reduction improvement in quality of life…

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Interesting things #1 ?>

Interesting things #1

Autism Matters podcasts The Autism podcast series (hosted by Dr Laura Crane) aims to showcase the latest research published in Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice in a way that is accessible, easy to understand and has real world relevance. The podcasts are aimed at a broad audience, including academics, researchers, students, clinicians, journalists, policy makers, individuals with autism and their families, and anyone interested in autism spectrum disorders.” Wiley brings out an awesome psychology app Is an overabundance of…

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